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Hi! My name is Adrian Salceanu - I’m an experienced web developer doing PHP server side programming and accessible, standard-compliant user interfaces using CSS and JavaScript. I'm currently living and working in Bucharest, Romania. For the last 15 years I’ve been developing for top national and international companies and I’ve been delivering 120+ successful projects for clients all over the world.
I've known Adrian for 8 years now and I've always been impressed by his background: he has a university degree in Philosophy, he has done project management for on-line businesses, has moved on to programming and now is one of the best developers I've known. I feel great working with him because beyond his always-up-to-date coding skills, Adrian is a visionary business man and an excellent project manager. He understands business, he understands branding and he understand communication. What more could you ask from a developer?
Catalin Rusu, Managing Partner, Rusu+Bortun Brand Growers
Although I didn't work with Adrian directly, judging by the feedback that I received from the HR department and the members of his team, I can confirm that he stood out because of his enthusiasm and his efforts as a good colleague and a trustworthy person. That's why I recommend him for working with your company!
Orlando Nicoara, General Manager, MediaPro Interactiv
I am very glad that I had the chance to work with Adrian as he is a person you can count on and he works well under pressure. I have often assigned him heavy tasks and he managed to finish them successfully in the given time. He always came with improvements and good ideas for the working projects. Many times, I have asked for his opinion in searching for the proper technical solution as I trust his knowledge and his logical thinking.
Iulian Dobrea, Team Leader, MediaPro Interactiv
Adrian was a very important part in the development process of Captaingo. He effectively implemented the website's frontend - the user interface and the server side processes. Besides the actual coding, he has been very active offering technical solutions for achieving the desired results, always presenting the appropriate means for achieving our goals. He is a true professional, commited, honest and 100% trustworthy. I strongly recommend him!
Lavi Marcu, Owner, CaptainGo
Adrian was one of the best colleagues that I have worked with. Besides his management abilities (communication skills, organized, motivated) he was a very strong character, being honest and committed to the objectives and tasks assigned to him. Willing to permanently improve his knowledge and to share from his experience, Adrian will be a great asset for any company and he will become, for sure, one of the most important members of the team that he will belong to.
Victor Costache, Owner, Cratima
I worked with Adrian at Cratima for about 8 months, but it was enough to remain good friends. Besides our beautiful collaboration, he's a very creative programmer, always with new and great ideas. As project manager I could admire his communication skills, experience and dedication. I hope we'll work together again
Alina Buciu, Graphic Designer, UPC
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I am a complete web developer, being able to take a project from the design phase, to development (backend and user interface), to deployment. Most of the times I write code on the server side using PHP, I design databases and write the stored procedures for querying them. On the client side, I build user interfaces with (X)HTML, JavaScript and CSS, applying techniques that take into account accessibility, usability and progressive enhancement.
From time to time I develop web based applications using Ruby on Rails - when my clients request it or if more appropriate for the task - but my main area of expertise remains PHP.
Besides standard web applications I also develop cross-platform mobile web apps that run natively on iPhone, Android, Symbian and WebOS, using the OpenSource framework PhoneGap.
Finally, my expertise and experience as team leader and technical project manager allows me to quickly and efficiently design application architectures, evaluate solutions and understand modules interactions.
7 years ago I have started Reveloper.com and ever since I have had the amazing opportunity to work for great clients and develop and deploy some wonderful projects. Be sure to check out my agency's portfolio and our blog pages if you want to learn more about my activity during the last couple of years.
I have a Masters Degree in IT Security and I have formal training on mobile web development, CSS and C# (Microsoft curriculum).
When not coding I love to read articles about web development (PHP, JavaScript, CSS, design) and programming, learn and try new technologies and programming languages and publish my findings on Twitter and the blog.
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During the last 15 years I've been developing websites and for the last 14 I've been mostly coding server side modules using PHP and MySQL. Besides actively developing, for 4 years I've been also working as a technical project manager (2 years at Cratima and 2 more at Eximtur) - and for the last 7 years I've been successfully managing my own agency, Reveloper.com.
Before starting Reveloper I have worked as team leader for Kondiment Solutions (an important provider of web solutions active on the Eastern and Western European markets), for MediaPro Interactiv (the internet division of one of the major media groups in Romania) as PHP Senior Developer, for Eximtur (one of the top Romanian travel agencies) as IT Project Manager and for Cratima (no. 1 Romanian software provider on Elance and one of the major players on the outsourcing Romanian market) as PHP developer and Technical Project Manager.
Some of the latest and greatest websites that I've developed are:
  • Internetics - the most important festival for the online creatives from Romania
  • Rama - official site for Unilever's line of products
  • ValueChecker - sports odds comparison platform for end users and affiliates
  • ProMotor - a high traffic, high performance auto news website, serving more than 100.000 unique visitors each day
  • Descopera - most visited Romanian science website
If you would like to review a more detailed résumé, please download the off-line version, bellow:
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I'm a strong believer in the principles of quality and simplicity. Here is my 3 steps recipe to successful project completion and client satisfaction.
  1. You just tell me "WHAT"

    I understand that building a website or a web application is an investment. You only need to tell me WHAT you want to achieve - from your business perspective. Together we will decide upon WHEN and HOW MUCH. And I will tell you HOW we will achieve it.
  2. We take care of the design

    I don't design websites (OK, I have designed this one, but it's really an exception). So you can either provide me one from your designer or I can recommend you one of the great designers I've been working with. Or if you don't want to get involved, just let me handle all this - I'll make sure you'll end up with a design you'll love.
  3. Enjoy your application!

    As soon as you can say "is it deadline already?" you'll get the application you've been dreamin' of! Plus all the support you'll ever need.

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If you would like to review a more detailed résumé, please download the off-line version, bellow:
If you like what you read and want hire me, I am accepting work offers. If you'd like to know more, I'd love to provide you all the details.
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